Monday, December 17, 2012

What Not to Do

Today was at lunch with some co-workers and par usual we chatted about work, life, and the like. A work friend asked me how everything is going so I told him that it's great but that it's sometimes crazy to think I'm actually growing a human. He asked about the sex and I proceeded to tell him about the Mexican wrestling mask/American Horror Story baby. Without missing a beat a female co-worker of mine says, "Gross. Being pregnant is disgusting."

My gut reaction was to come across the table and smack her one for talking about my sweet innocent unborn child. (Mama Bear instincts much?) But all I could muster was, "Thanks. That makes me feel great about myself." to which she responded, "Oh well, ummmm, I didn't mean you." Really? Then you must mean my boss who is also pregnant? Or perhaps the other 2 pregnant women in my office? Or maybe my cousin's wife? Or maybe the stranger you judged on the street?

Do all pregnant women a favor, if you ever feel like this, keep it to yourself. No one wants to or deserves to hear something like that.


  1. Hahaha this is great! I hope she reads this and takes note! Nobody talks about Duchess Kate like that! lol Awesome Ness!

  2. Oh my! HahA... Auntie Antwonne loves your little munchkin and that's all that matters :)