Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm a Dragon

Like a stranger in the night it attacks. Creeping its way up my stomach, playing in my chest, and dancing its pretty little way in to my throat and mouth. Trying to exhale CO2 is silly because I've become a dragon. I can only breathe fire.

The 2nd trimester heartburn has come on full force. I could eat the most bland foods on Earth and yet the burning continues. I eat Tums like candy and sleep sitting up. All I have to say about it is, it sucks and this little girl better be real gosh darn cute to make this up to me. {Not really, I'll love Tater no matter what}. Only 137 days to go!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


D-Day might be a little dramatic, but today is a BIG day. HUGE! Today we are going in for our 1/2 way check-up AAAANNND we get to find out whether Tater is a boy tot or a girl tot. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED! {Can you tell?} We also get to see that all of Tater's organs and bones are in the right places and growing on schedule.

I'm feeling great; we've registered for all the stuff, we went to the baby clothes swap {we scored a whole lotta stuff for $10}, and we're starting to clean out Tater's room. I can't believe that we're already at the half way mark. It feels like I just told Brian and then I remember that was the beginning of October!! 

Can't wait to find out. Yay!!!


Well, I was surprised and Brian "knew it". Tater is a.…………… GIRL!!! We couldn't be more excited and I will now be spending the rest of the night looking at baby girl stuff. Can't wait to hold our little princess!!!!!! Our new due date is back to the original of June 12th.

Baby Girl. She is just the cutest!

For the record, I've been trying to work out more to make things easier on everyone.
Also, I'm glad I don't just look fat anymore. This was 18 weeks, 3 days.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Popsicles and Baby Wiggles

So after 48 hours to losing my insides to the toilet I'm starting to feel semi-normal. Tater and I have been surviving on no sugar added popsicles and saltines. We {Brian and I} were worried because with Crohn's disease it's much easier to become dehydrated but I'm doing great and Tater is wiggling away again today.

I still can't believe that we're almost half way there and we get to find out the sex next week! More to come soon.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear Baby

Hey! Baby! Any time you wish to quit wiggling in the night/early morning, I, your mother, would love it. Thanks. P.S. Don't really do that; I secretly love it.