Monday, December 31, 2012

Hero of the Year

Alright, so the creator of this product might not be everyone's Hero of the Year, but whoever they are, they are definitely mine. I'm so excited about this product/company that I'm really hesitant to share it with the world; but I figured since only like 3 people read my blog {HI MOM!}, it's OK.

So, you've heard of Rent the Runway? If not, shame on you. It is awesome. It's great for normal sized humans that don't have a tumor like growth sticking out of their middles, but for the preggos like me, it doesn't help. And this is not because they don't have larger sizes; they just don't have a size 2 that's only a size 2 in the waist, arms, bust, legs and a size 100 in the hips and tummy area {read: they don't rent maternity clothes}. And why would they? Don't most pregnant women just live in yoga pants? {yes!} And I really wouldn't care about formal wear except at 8+ months pregnant I will be attending a formal evening wedding and maternity clothes, cute/nice ones, are really expensive and the cold hard truth is, I'm not a celebrity {le sigh}. I also am not on-board with spending a lot for a dress that I will wear one time - this is not my wedding and wedding dresses don't count in this statement.

Enter, Mine for Nine. Simply put, it's Rent the Runway for maternity clothes! But it's not just formal attire {rock on!!!}, it's also suits, jeans, shirts, jackets, coats, etc. I was looking for something pretty specific and was able to find a dress I love in about 2.4 seconds {rock on x 2!!!!} Another fantastic thing is that you can rent for weeks at a time, not just a few days which is nice, especially if you need to rent something like a winter coat.

I can't wait to get some of these clothes so I can stop wearing Brian's sweat pants, yoga pants, and hoodies to work.**

** Disclaimer: I have jeans on today {Ness for the win!}

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