Monday, December 17, 2012

All Dressed Up and Somewhere To Go

**As promised, there are pictures in this post.**

This past Friday was my company holiday party. It was prom themed and although I really wanted to go as the pregnant prom queen, I couldn't get my act together fast enough to pull it off. So, I settled for a black cocktail dress that has been hanging in my closet since last year...

To preface the story, I bought this dress for a benefit last year and planned to wear it to the 2011 holiday party but alas, had the flu, and was unable to go. Smart, and sometimes frugal me, decided to save the dress for 2012 because I love it and didn't want to return it. So there it's been, just waiting for 2012 and then... BAM! Taterfied. (I think I just turned our baby in to an adjective).

I was positive at first thinking there is no way I will be so pregnant that the dress doesn't fit. And then came 9 weeks, 10 weeks, 11 weeks...... I felt like I was growing 10 inches everyday. In all fairness I've gained just over 10 pounds so 10 inches may be a tad inaccurate. No matter, I decided to try on the dress when the parents (soon to be g-parents) came to visit over Thanksgiving. Let's just say it was like trying to put a cream puff through a keyhole; a whale in a wet suit  a fat chick in a size 0. OK, so the last one is actually what it was. I was sweating, crying, bloated. It was anything but pretty. I was so upset (I'm a pregnant lady, I get to be irrational) because I love the dress that much and mostly because I didn't want to go shopping for something else. What's a lady to do?!

How about ignore the situation until the week of the party and then stress out because you have nothing to wear? Sounds like a plan! And that's exactly what I did, until one day after work when I decided I had to give the dress a 2nd try; and to my surprise... IT FIT!!! Then I cried again (still pregnant, remember?) because I was so happy that I could wear the dress and didn't have to go shopping.

Below is proof that I cannot wear this dress again until Tater comes but that it currently still fits.

14 weeks, 2 days

I'm not sure if the best part is that the dress fit or that you can't tell I'm pregnant in it when the flowy front part is down....

(Isn't my hubs super handsome?)

Yes, that's right; same night, same dress, same number of weeks pregnant. I was told multiple times that I didn't look pregnant and it was fabulous! Friday, December 14, 2012 will go down in the books as "Ness's Awesome Ego-Boosting Night". 

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