Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Showers and Last Hurrahs

This past weekend {well really Thursday - Tuesday} Brian, Jake, and I soaked up the beautiful sunshiny weather that Santa Barbara has to offer. It was fabulous to say the very least. Unfortunately, it was also bittersweet. This was our last vacation just the two of us, the last time I'll see my family before Tater comes, and our last trip to SB for 4 months! We tried to get everything in that we possibly could,  but of course, the majority of the trip was bébé-centric.

While we were there my 2nd mom {Hi, Cindy!} threw me the most beautiful baby shower to ever happen on the face of the Earth. Seriously, the amount of love and effort that when in to this party is phenomenal. Just take a look at the invites:


How cute is this cake? And it was delicious!

We have lots of adorable clothes to dress her up in... Now, if she would just hurry up and get here already! {Not really, Tate! Please take your time and finish cooking}

We also got the chance to do a maternity shoot with my amazing cousin, Kelsey Daffern. She is beyond talented and I couldn't be happier with the shots she captured. For the record, I was totally against the "naked" pictures {no one needs to see that!} but they actually turned out to be some of my favorite photos from the shoot. {Some of them are below}.

The countdown continues to d-day. Today we're at 9 weeks {or less} and counting. We've still got to finish decorating the nursery and now I have about 100 loads of laundry to do but we're getting there - slowly but surely. More pictures and another post to follow once everything is decorated. Can't wait!

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  1. The photos all look so beautiful. The one with Jake is really sweet, too!