Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Timing Is Everything

Last week was the pits! I spent the week in and out of the hospital and on bed rest. Turns out that 32 weeks is too early to have a baby. {Whoda thought?} I was having regular contractions so the doctor was worried that I was headed towards pre-term labor. We're still not sure what's causing all the ruckus {read: contractions} but they've slowed down which is a good thing. I'm going back to the doctor this week for another check-up and to make sure that she's good and stuck for a while longer.

In other news, it's been hotter than anything here so I pretty much feel like I'm melting all the time until today when it cooled down to 75 degrees today. It's supposed to stay warm for the rest of the week and weekend so hopefully I'll survive {even if that means sitting in front of the air vent in my under-roos}.

Hopefully we'll get a better estimate of when we should actually expect Tater's arrival at this week's doctor's appointment. After the past couple weeks I can't decide if she's more excited to meet us or if we're more excited to meet her! {7 weeks and counting!}

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  1. It sounds like she's eager to meet you two! Praying she'll wait a little longer, and that you'll be more comfortable between now & then!