Monday, February 11, 2013

2 Parts

I've got a lot to say so this post might be a little wordy but there are pictures at the end so it's totes going to be worth it! So I got the idea for the first part of this post from the wonderful and lovely Bridget over at tales of me and the husband plus 5 kids & a gracie. Bridget posted her feelings/thoughts/responses to pregnancy questions back in the summer of 2011. I've always loved her blog and I love this idea, so here we go...

Cravings: During the first trimester I wanted cheeseburgers. I tried many but all failed. Except one. I'm almost embarrassed to say this but Tater wanted McDonald's cheese burgers. I know! So gross, right? Well I'm glad that passed. Then, once cheeseburgers were over I wanted kiwis, pears, and apples. I ate fruit like it was my job. To be honest, I'm still apple obsessed and I've added oranges to this diet as well. And I'm the worst. My boss will spend her sweet time peel and separating her oranges and I'll walk by and eat them. I know, I'm the worst. {It's a good thing she likes me}. Also, as of about 5 seconds ago, grapefruit sounds delicious.

Weight Gain: I plead the 5th. Alright, not really. The last time I was at the doctor it was 18 pounds. Actually, maybe less, maybe more. I'm not 100% sure what I weighed before getting knocked up.

Comments: "Your bump is so tiny!" {Thanks, I think. I am still 23 weeks pregnant} "Do you have any weird cravings?" {I wouldn't call them weird} "You're due in June? You're so big already! You're going to be huge! Are you sure you aren't having twins?!" {DO NOT under any circumstances say this to someone} And then there's the one off crazy old lady at the grocery store that thinks it's OK to touch me {If you didn't put it in there, don't touch it!} 

Fears: Under-cooked meat, not being a good mom, labor, going in to labor early, etc... The first one, and to an extent the second, see highly avoidable. We basically eat at home so it's easy to avoid it but getting food poisoning in general just doesn't sound fun. I think that being a good mom is something that every mom worries about and I don't think that's something that goes away. My mom told me, "Being a mom is like having your heart beat outside your body in someone else." {One of the wisest ladies I know}. As for going in to labor or actually birthing this kid, yeah, that's terrifying. I think that this is something else that all moms worry about. You want to make sure that you're ready but as D{ue}-Day gets closer the scary/more realistic it becomes. It's a vicious circle.

General Mood: The first trimester, WATCH OUT! I was crazy. It can only be described as "Hulking out". One minute you're fine and the next your a scary big green monster destroying anyone and anything in your path. Yeah, crazy. Then I went into b*tch mode {sorry family that had to spend Thanksgiving with me}. I self diagnosed this/blame it on hormones and being hungry. Blood sugar levels can really mess a girl up! Second trimester brought more tears than usual for unknown reasons but then a calming. For the most part I love being pregnant and having a supportive husband is probably {read: really} helping.

Things I Was Surprised By: How nervous I was to tell people {yeah, Bridget and I are on the same page here}. I was scared to tell people even after we went to the doctor got the 2-thumbs-up, and waited until 12 weeks. I was so paranoid that something was going to happen to Tater {still am a little bit}. Also, TMI, the stretch marks on the girls. That's right, the ta-tas have gained a lovely shade of purple/blue/red lines. Just a few in a small region, but still, this was something I tried very hard to avoid. Oh, and the chestne {like acne on your chest}. From the articles and books I read I thought it might happen, but boy did it ever. Nothing like putting pure rubbing alcohol on your chest twice a day. {Yes, I know, this is not the best beauty regime but it's the only thing that works!} And last but not least, the audacity of strangers. Grandma Mimi said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To: Meeting our sweet little girl. I cannot wait to hold her.

What I Think Is Really Cool & Crazy: There is a human inside of me. Said human is growing bones and organs and other crazy sh*t. I've said it once and I'll say it again, science is so flipping cool! {God totally knows what He's doing}

Most Embarrassing Moment: I don't think I've had any public embarrassing moments, yet. However, TMI, pregnant lady gas is NOT a joke. 

Alright, that was fun. Now, for a little update on life...

Yesterday Brian and I both had the day off work so we did the standard dog park visit, had lunch, and then painted the nursery. I feel like I can call it a nursery now without it being weird because it's painted and none of our stuff is in there. We're not "theme" people so we went with a color scheme instead. 

During lunch I decided that Tater and I needed to do a little tanning so I sat out on our back deck and caught some rays before we headed upstairs to paint.

22 weeks, 4 days

Below are some before, during, and after shots of the room.



 Handsome hubby. Go, Daddy, Go!

We're getting there

After - one of the "Barely Pink" walls

Another one of the "Barely Pink" walls

And last, but {hopefully} not least.........................................................................

22 weeks, 4 days

I'm so happy to have the room painted but there's one more step that needs to be completed before the room is finished. This coming weekend we'll be adding stripes to the non-pink {not pictured} "Billowy Cloud" wall so that it's grey and white. I'll be sure to add more pictures when that wall is done.

It's all coming together so stay tuned for more soon!

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